“Mommy, look at these! I got a hundred today!”

 Chase excitedly shoved his hands into his pockets, causing an overflow and an instant cascade of staccato noise. A pile of acorns lay scattered around our feet. His sky blue eyes looked on with gleeful, childlike pride. 

 We squatted down simultaneously to gather up his treasures as he chatted about finding acorns with his friend Ryan and the frog they’d caught together.

 It was Thursday and Chase had been diligently collecting acorns all week. (Obviously the squirrels were on their fall break.) I was as excited as he on Monday, surprised by Tuesday, resigned by Wednesday, and slightly dismayed by Thursday.

 I smiled and shook my head, expressing to him what a great collection of acorns he had while my practical mommy side wondered where exactly I’d put all these nuts.

 Despite being weary of finding acorns in my washing machine, I realized there is something inordinately touching and powerful about a child’s enthusiasm. It’s an unstoppable, catchy force of the human spirit that is pure and sweet. It overcomes and entertains and brings hope amidst life’s monotony.

 Yet, even knowing that Chase had spent much time and effort collecting these acorns, they’re not really what I want.

 When I pick Chase up from his morning preschool class what I desire is to touch him, to hold his hand and let him know I’ve thought of him during the time we were apart. I look forward to making eye contact with my little boy while hearing about his morning – whether they had goldfish crackers or apples for snack, which craft they made for the letter ‘O’, and how many frogs were in the sandbox.

 I want him, all of him. Not the acorns, though I appreciate them and his efforts to gather them. Ultimately I just want Chase.

 It made me think about our relationship with our loving Creator.

 God wants us. No more, no less. God doesn’t need our acorns, though we eagerly offer them to Him. I’m certain He appreciates our efforts for Him – our time spent talking about Him, writing about Him, volunteering, teaching and helping others.

 But I’m also certain He just wants us. He created us for the purpose of knowing Him. Our relentless search for acorns to give Him should never overshadow our time spent with Him.  Our gifts of time, energy and effort for Him are treasured by God because they are evidence of our love for Him. But don’t forget that God’s greatest desire is to catch your hand in His and hear about your day.

He just wants you.

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. And these words which I commmand you today shall be in your heart.” Deuteronomy 6:5 & 6


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