Starting Tiny


What’s your favorite fruit?

We eat a lot of apples and strawberries in our house. I also love blueberries and raspberries, though no one else in my family shares my passion for them.

During the winter, I probably cut up two apples a day, dicing through skin and fruit flesh into four or eight slices to share.

When the apple splits open and those little, tightly packed seeds appear, I smile because I used to believe if I swallowed an apple seed I’d grow an apple tree in my tummy. (Six-year-old naiveté.)

FullSizeRender (00E)

Now when I hold those tiny buds of new life in my hands, I’m always amazed by God’s creation. How ten or fifteen-foot-trees sprout from such humble beginnings, and then dozens, maybe hundreds of blossoms appear.

Followed by too many apples to count.


Out of curiosity I looked up apple seeds & trees. In Florida, citrus trees thrive better than apple, but there are a few variety of apple trees that can grow in our humid, damp climate. Normally it takes four to ten years for an apple tree to reach maturity and produce fruit.


This Christmas, while fighting the nonstop traffic and baking cookies and racing to find the perfect present, I’ve been desperate to keep my eyes on Jesus.

On God’s gift, starting so tiny and helpless yet bursting with hope and grace and forgiveness.

God could easily have sent His Son as a young man, or even as an adult to lead & teach the disciples, then go to the Cross to fulfill His part of God’s perfect plan.

But instead, He sent a precious seed of His grace…so small, so perfect, to grow into our Savior and experience life on earth as we do.

Isaiah 9.6BTFC[1]

This Christmas, I pray you and yours experience God’s love in a powerful way, remembering the tiny start to our Savior’s life and the enormous grace we’re offered through Him.

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! (2 Cor. 9:15)


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