The Intrusion, by Kristin Detrow

Jake and Arin Welsh are content with their peaceful life and family of three. But when past decisions – and secrets – come back to haunt them and have a life-changing, frightening affect on their four-year old son Troy, where can they turn for answers?  

Kristin Detrow’s novel blows past the confinement of genre and brings the reader into the realm of truth. The Intrusion is a unique thriller, a nerve-wracking, eye-opening read that gave me goosebumps and had me thanking God for His goodness and mercy. It’s scary but exhilarating…frightening but full of grace…dark but surrounded by light.

The author skillfully weaves together the shameful, secretive world of abortion and post-abortion with the redemptive grace of God. The Intrusion is relevant and necessary for present day, where the common decision to end life has repercussions that go beyond what we can see or comprehend. The author’s vivid portrayal of the consequences of this decision is heart-breaking and frightening, but it’s as real as the air we breath. 

Ms. Detrow’s fresh, down-to-earth writing style and accesible characters pull the reader in immediately. The secondary characters lend emotion and layered depth as Arin and Jake confront the crises in their lives. Because the author is gifted in the art of story-telling and pacing, The Intrusion is nearly impossible to put down. Between the crackling dialogue, a plot that barrels along from the first page to the last, and the chilling action, this story kept me up a good part of one night. 

The Intrusion wraps around the imagination and settles in the soul, where it asks questions that only a loving, forgiving God can answer.

I was thrilled and inspired by this new voice  speaking out for those who can’t speak for themselves. Empty of condemnation but full of grace, Ms. Detrow’s novel sheds light on the darkness of the abortion industry while illuminating the forgiveness, love and peace found only through faith in the Living God.

One more thing…leave an extra light on while reading this book. You’ll need it.

Kristin Detrow is an exciting storyteller, and I’m looking forward to her next book.

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